Car Crashes Into Joe Biden’s Motorcade in US’ Delaware

On the evening of December 17, local time, a car drove through the streets of downtown Wilmington, Delaware in the rain, but unexpectedly hit a black SUV parked on the side of the road. The driver probably didn’t expect that he was in trouble and that he was in trouble. He hit the car of the current US President Joe Biden and was instantly surrounded by at least four people, who all pulled out pistols. Not far away, there were heavily armed SWAT police figures.

It can be seen from the close-up photos that the driver is an African-American man. He seemed to be frightened when he raised his hands, while the hands of the two Secret Service bodyguards who asked him to get out of the car were placed on their respective pistols. Don’t take it lightly.

According to reports, the intersection where the incident occurred was blocked so that Biden could leave, but for some reason, the driver broke in, perhaps because it was raining heavily and visibility was poor. It is reported that the impact force was quite large, and the bumper of the gold car driven by the African-American man was broken.

joe biden car hit news

However, so far, the driver’s behavior has not been ruled out as intentional, and his investigation is ongoing to see if his behavior was motivated by some kind of “political motivation.”

Biden, 81, was not in the car at the time. In fact, he had just walked out of his campaign headquarters, where he also enjoyed a simple dinner of tomato spaghetti. Biden, who was standing on the side of the road, apparently heard the loud noise during the impact, and the moment was captured. He may have been shocked, and his eyes widened.

It is estimated that Biden will be thinking, “Who is so bold? He even dares to hit the president’s car.” Of course, he may also have to think about it, don’t let any accident happen.

joe biden car hit news

However, judging from the aftermath, the African-American driver probably “accidentally hit the car” without any bad intentions. Biden quickly boarded the waiting car, and his wife, Jill Biden, also took their seats, and the couple was quickly sent home.

By the way, Wilmington is Biden’s hometown. He flies back here from Washington, D.C., on a special plane every weekend, and has received a lot of criticism for this.

According to reports, Biden’s schedule was not affected in any way after the incident occurred, and the Secret Service did not immediately comment on the incident, but in any case, this was indeed a thrilling and unexpected incident.

First lady Jill Biden, 72, walked out of the campaign headquarters before her husband. She looked festive in a red coat.

joe biden car hit news

Lady Jlil waved to the reporters waiting in the rain and shouted “Happy Holidays”, showing a completely cordial and approachable appearance.

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