9 Tips on How to Love Yourself

In our lives, we often hear such words: “You have to learn to love yourself!”However, what does loving yourself mean? How to love yourself? This is a question worthy of our deep thought.

Many people in this world are suffering from internal conflict, anxiety, and depression. There is one thing that can solve all problems, and that is love yourself. When people love themselves day by day, life will miraculously get better and all kinds of problems will be solved.

So, what does it mean to love yourself? Are you willing to spend money on yourself, buy yourself bags and clothes, or do things that make you happy? Many people use high-end cosmetics, but their lives are consumed by quarreling marriages, with resentment written all over their faces.

Loving yourself is not a specific action or method, but an attitude towards yourself. Share 9 ways on how to love yourself and truly learn to love yourself.

9 Tips on How to Love Yourself

How to Love Yourself

1. Self-acceptance

The first and most basic point of loving yourself is to accept yourself. Self-acceptance is not about indulging yourself, but about accepting everything about yourself with a peaceful mind and not resisting the bad side of yourself.

Faced with the pain in life, many people resist in different forms: avoiding the matter, working to change the pain, thinking about it often… the more they resist, the more they persist.

Learn to accept this part: Although I made a mistake in this matter, I accept my mistakes, and I understand that in the dimension of life, it is very normal to make some mistakes. Embrace the self that made mistakes. If he hadn’t endured those mistakes, he wouldn’t know what is right today. When you find yourself attacking yourself again, just say this silently:

I accept everything about myself,

Accept your goodness,

Also, accept your shortcomings,

I view myself equally and peacefully,

Don’t resist or blame yourself.

2. Express oneself

Many people are very bad at expressing themselves. They have a lot to say, want to express their thoughts to their friends, and express their grievances to their significant other, but in the end, they cannot say a word.

It may be that you are afraid to express yourself, or you may not be good at expressing yourself. It is more likely that you have expressed yourself before, but did not get the feedback you wanted. No matter what, you have to try to express yourself.

If you can’t talk to an acquaintance, you can find a tree hole and pour your suppressed emotions and words into it.

In this process, you can see yourself, release yourself, and love yourself.

3. Feel yourself

Our physical feelings and emotional feelings convey information to us. A strong desire to sleep reminds us that it’s time to rest; physical weakness reminds us that it’s time to exercise more and eat healthily.

If we feel angry, it reminds us that we may have been offended; if we feel fear, it reminds us of possible risks; if we feel sad, it reminds us that we are hurt inside.

But too many people cut themselves off from their feelings, or ignore their feelings. Over time, various physical and psychological diseases will come to you.

4. Appreciate yourself

We know how to appreciate beauty and beautiful scenery, but do you know how to appreciate yourself? Many people like to focus on their shortcomings: My education is not high, my legs are too thick, my face is not good-looking… If you always look at your shortcomings, it is easy to ignore your advantages.

Everyone has many shortcomings, which are like stars; but everyone also has advantages, and the advantages are like the sun; when you see those excellent people, they only magnify their advantages.

Learn to appreciate yourself. If you always compare yourself with others, you may easily look down on yourself; if you compare yourself with your past self, you may be able to see your progress.

You can learn to appreciate yourself and see what you have done well by writing appreciation notes.

5. Be grateful to yourself

Many people will be grateful to their friends and relatives, but forget to be grateful to themselves. Be grateful to yourself, because you have been with me along the way. I didn’t give up when I encountered setbacks and difficulties. I stayed with you when I encountered darkness, and we went through the troughs of life together, all the way to where we are today.

Learn to be grateful to yourself and never give up. Even if the road is bumpy, you will grit your teeth and persevere.

6. Trust yourself

Trust that you have everything you need. We are always limited by past experiences and other people’s evaluations, setting limits on ourselves and having no confidence in ourselves. Believe in yourself, your abilities, and what you can do.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then who else can trust you? When you start to believe in yourself, you will find a different self: a brave, new, and smart self.

7. Connect yourself

What does it mean to connect yourself? Have you ever seen a lot of insensitive people in your life? They seem to have lost the ability to sense all joys and sufferings. This is very scary. These kinds of people are all people who have lost connection with themselves: their minds are blocked, so they become numb.

If you are not connected to yourself, you are living blindly; only if you are connected to yourself, you are living clearly. If you can feel the joy of the sunrise every morning and the coolness of the breeze, you will fall in love with this world and yourself in this world.

8. Manage yourself

Management can make everything orderly and tidy. If you lack management of yourself, you will easily fall into chaos, break the laws of the body and the mind, and the whole person’s energy will fall into chaos.

Manage your diet, your hobbies, your time, and your mood. Learning to manage yourself is the beginning of stability.

9. Awaken yourself up

There are three turning points in destiny: family of origin; husband and wife partner; and awakening oneself. If you don’t have a superior family or a good partner, you must awaken your strong self.

When a person begins to awaken, it is like a lion waking up. He will not be afraid of anything, nor will he think about relying on anyone, because he has awakened his powerful self and can rely on himself.

There are two important moments in a person’s life, one is the moment he is born, and the other is the moment he knows why he was born. Awaken yourself, find your mission, and find the meaning of your life.

Charlie Chaplin has a little poem:

When I started to truly love myself,
I will no longer dwell on the past,

And no longer worry about tomorrow,
Now I just live in the moment when everything is happening.

Today, I live here and now,

So day after day.

This is called “perfection”.


In short, there are many ways to love yourself, the key lies in how we practice it. Let us start from now on, From today on, learn to love yourself and make yourself more confident, happy, and healthy in life.

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