Best Top 10 Winter Foods That Will Keep You Warm

Top 10 Winter Foods: When winter comes, we often see many boys and girls wearing only one piece of clothing on the street. We often worry about whether it’s not cold. What’s their secret? Are they not afraid of the cold in such cold weather? We interviewed more than a dozen colleagues, relatives, and friends who wear less clothing in winter, and concluded that they don’t feel cold. Their common secret to keeping warm in winter is in their diet. They generally like to eat these delicacies to keep out the cold in winter. Let’s see the top 10 winter foods that will keep you as warm as a furnace.

Top 10 Winter Foods

top 10 winter foods

1. Eggs

Eggs are the most common ingredient in daily life. They are rich in nutrients, affordable, and can be made in many ways. They are called the cheapest nutritional complex. Eating more eggs in winter can supplement protein, promote absorption through appropriate exercise, increase muscle mass, and better withstand the cold. The large amount of vitamins contained in eggs can promote the absorption of calcium. Elderly people should eat more eggs appropriately in winter. The tyrosine in eggs is also very good for the brain, and all people should ensure the intake of at least one egg a day.

2. Meat

Mutton, beef, chicken, pigeon meat, etc. are rich in fat, protein, carbohydrates, inorganic salts, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other nutrients. They are sweet and warm in nature and flavor. They can warm the body and nourish the deficiency, warm the spleen and stomach, and nourish the kidneys and liver. , enhance the body’s ability to resist cold, suitable for men, women, old and young, and has a good effect of keeping warm and keeping out the cold.

3. Fish

The meat of fish is extremely delicate and tastes very good, and it is also relatively easy to digest. It is high in protein and low in fat. When the weather is cold, you can make a bowl of crucian carp soup to drink. Crucian carp contains a large amount of vitamin B and the content of vitamin C is higher than other foods. , it has the effect of harmonizing the middle and appetizing, promoting blood circulation and unblocking the collaterals, warming the middle, and lowering the qi.

Bass has the habit of overwintering. Bass do not eat and only rely on the energy stored in body fat to survive. The fishy smell of fish meat is lighter and the taste is more delicious. Eel meat is sweet and warm in nature and flavor. It has the effect of nourishing the middle replenishing the blood and treating deficiency. It is commonly used as medicine among the people.

4. Garlic

Garlic is warm for digestion, dehumidifying, and sterilizing. It is rich in vitamins A, B, and C. It is not only a condiment but also a good health product. Because garlic is a spicy product, it has the function of dispersing cold and warming and can promote the movement of human yang energy. It can To resist the cold, cook some garlic porridge and drink it in the morning, which can dispel the cold and warm the stomach. If you eat some garlic when eating meat, it can not only relieve greasiness, aid digestion, and adjust the taste of the dishes, but also increase nutrient absorption to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

5. Ginger

Ginger is a warm food. Everyone knows that ginger can repel colds. Ginger contains gingerol, which has a spicy taste. Eating it can dilate blood vessels, speed up blood circulation, and promote metabolism. This is why you feel like after eating it. To warm the whole body. Ginger has the effect of generating heat and warming the body. Eating ginger in cold weather can help the body get rid of the cold. People who are afraid of colds can often drink ginger tea to prevent colds, especially female friends. Daily use of ginger to soak their feet can improve their symptoms. Symptoms such as cold hands and feet and a cold uterus are all beneficial to expel cold.

6. Chives

Leeks have a fragrant taste and are rich in nutritional value. They are good ingredients for stir-frying, and making dumplings and side dishes. Leeks are also a good food for keeping warm and repelling cold. They are rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. In the medical field, leeks are called “intestinal cleansing grass”. They can also wrap up some debris in the digestive tract, keeping warm and healthy.

The function of the stomach, the weather is cold, it is easy to catch a cold, and vitamin C and dietary fiber can help a lot. Appropriate intake of vitamin C can prevent colds. Drinking a bowl of leek porridge not only Nourishes the stomach, relieves inflammation, and can also prevent colds.

7. Red dates

“Seven dates a day will keep you youthful for ninety years. “Red dates are both a warming and tonic food and a medicine. In cold weather, you can eat more red dates, which can replenish vital energy, nourish blood, and calm the mind. Red dates have always been known as “natural vitamin pills”. They are rich in protein, organic acids, amino acids, and other ingredients, which have a strong nourishing effect. They not only protect the spleen and stomach but also improve the body’s immune function and strengthen the immune system. The ability to withstand the cold.

8. Cinnamon

When the weather is cold, cinnamon, a commonly used spice at home, comes in handy. Cinnamon is pungent, sweet, and hot; it has the effects of dispersing cold and relieving pain, warming the meridians, and unblocking yang. In addition to its medicinal uses, cinnamon is also an indispensable condiment for stews and stir-fries at home. Cinnamon tea is also known as the “treasure of health.” A cup of cinnamon tea can keep you warm in the cold winter and help digestion after a full meal.

In the West, people use cinnamon powder to flavor coffee, milk tea, and desserts. You can also add some cinnamon when cooking, which can warm the middle and strengthen the spleen, warm the waist and knees, and cure abdominal coldness and bloating. Use it in soups to make them taste more delicious.

9. Longan

Although longan is a heat-type fruit, longan is rich in glucose, sucrose, and protein. It also contains a relatively high iron content. It can increase heat energy and supplement nutrition while promoting hemoglobin regeneration. It is very important to the human body. The nourishing effect, in addition to being rich in trace elements, can also replenish blood for women. Studies have found that in addition to the tonic effect of longan meat on the whole body, it also has a good effect when the weather is cold, that is, it can warm up the body.

10. Nuts

Nuts have a warm nature and flavor, are high in oil and polyunsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to the human body, and are rich in phospholipids, B vitamins, and vitamin E, which can supplement the nutrients needed by the body. Nuts are also warming and tonic. Efficacy: It is easy to get internal heat when eaten in other seasons, but in winter when the weather is colder, many people do not have this problem after eating it.

Nuts can nourish the kidneys, strengthen the brain, strengthen the heart, strengthen the body, and protect against cold, so it is very beneficial to eat more nuts in winter. Of course, eating nuts should be done in moderation and varies from person to person.

These are the top 10 winter foods that will keep you warm in the winter season. if you know more names then please comment below.

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