Unlocking Consciousness: 13 Powerful Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Have you experienced a spiritual awakening? Sometimes you may not even realize it. Since the New Age movement in the last century, more and more people have begun to pay attention to self-spirituality improvement, and people pursue spiritual sublimation in various ways. Spiritual awakening allows you to enter a higher level and experience a more joyful and colorful life. Sometimes you experience so many strange feelings that you wonder if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening or going crazy. Don’t worry, let’s take a look at the 13 signs of spiritual awakening below. Compare it with your own experience, and you will know whether you have been or are awakening.

What is spiritual awakening?

13 Powerful Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a natural process of awakening to the true meaning of life, and it is also the starting point of life transformation. When humans are unprepared and unaware of the characteristics of spiritual awakening, it can have bad consequences.

Even though this is a very tiring process, it won’t be long before a person goes through a phase of confusion and surprise.

Because this stage occurs as a person grows and changes. Especially when they start doing things related to spirituality, such as liking yoga, meditation, etc., this change is when a person begins the process of spiritual rebirth.

13 Powerful Signs of Spiritual Awakening

13 Powerful Signs of Spiritual Awakening

1. Increased synchronic experiences

What is synchronicity? Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more related events at the same time without deliberate arrangement. You can’t say that these coincidences happen for a common reason. When you begin to awaken spiritually, many synchronic events will occur. You may see some special numbers anytime and anywhere.

For example, when you wake up and see repeated numbers on the clock, like 10:10, 11:11 or other similar situations. Sometimes you think of an old friend you haven’t contacted for many years, and then he suddenly adds you on Whatsapp. Sometimes you go through setbacks and need encouragement, and suddenly you see a billboard saying “Anything is possible”…

Synchronicity is everywhere, life is synchronicity, there may be good and bad sides. When you awaken, you will discover many synchronic phenomena that are ignored by ordinary people.

2. You start to have lucid dreams

Lucid dreaming is when you are aware that you are in a dream. This happens often, and usually you wake up right away. In fact, in lucid dreaming, you have complete control over your dreams. In some dreams you will receive some kind of revelation that reminds you to pay attention to certain things in your life. If you find yourself lucid dreaming and taking control of your dreams, you are spiritually awakening.

3. You want to sit and meditate

When you are in a meditative state, you will find that you are connected to a larger “I”, and you will feel that you are connected to the source of all things. As you meditate longer, you may even discover that you are that Source. Meditation can accelerate your spiritual awakening, help you understand the truth of the world, and allow you to concentrate. This way you won’t be attracted to frivolous things, such as material comforts or gossip.

4. Time is not important to you anymore

You usually still look at your calendar and watch, but just to complete a certain task or attend an appointment at a specific time. Overall, when spiritually awakening, time becomes less important. why? Upon spiritual awakening you will discover that time is only a man-made concept in the Creator’s grand plan. We can also define a week as 11 days. Time and space are only valid for physical life on earth. When spiritual awakening occurs, these are not important. For you, there is only here and now, which is what we often call living in the present.

5. You can feel the increase in frequency

During spiritual awakening you will feel the high frequency energy in your body. When you meditate, this energy appears, sometimes very strongly, sometimes randomly. It’s like a huge wave of energy rushing toward you, or like an electric current passing through your body, but much more comfortable. You may also feel your body getting bigger while meditating, but don’t worry, this is normal.

6. You tend to withdraw from the world

Spiritual awakening is something that must be faced alone and needs to be focused without being disturbed by the outside world. You may find yourself on social media and checking the news less often. You would rather stay at home or be close to nature than go to a bar with your friends. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to become a hermit, it just means you need personal space to complete the spiritual awakening process.

Don’t be nervous when you find someone leaving your life. This is not because you refused someone else’s invitation to play, but because the frequency of your spiritual awakening increases. And whether you like it or not, anyone or anything that doesn’t match your frequency will eventually leave.

7. Perceive other existences

The existence here is not some scary ghost, but a warm and loving spirit. You can feel them or hear them, they are all around you. After spiritual awakening you can always feel love and guidance. These spirits will manifest themselves in a way that suits you, and you may hear them calling your name affectionately when you fall asleep or wake up.

8. Be more sensitive to other people’s energy

After spiritual awakening, your senses will be heightened. You will meet people who seem kind, talkative, and smiling, but somehow you just can’t trust them because you sense a bad aura. Likewise, when you are on the same wavelength as others, you can also be aware of how others are feeling. The depth of your understanding of others is higher than the level of communication through words. But you have to be careful, other people’s energy can overwhelm you. You need to meditate consistently to calm your mind and prevent yourself from burning out.

9. Your intuition is at its strongest

Your intuition becomes stronger, and as long as you follow your intuition, you will be successful. If you ignore your keen intuition, you will often get into trouble. After spiritual awakening, you find that you don’t need to think and analyze, but you just know something. Your intuition is strong and clear, and you never make mistakes. You can trust your gut.

10. Continuous creativity

You may have had a lightbulb moment in the past, but now you seem to be full of amazing ideas. Your creativity is unique, and when you encounter a problem, you always come up with the best solution, and you have everything going smoothly. This is what spiritual awakening does to you. What the spirit loves to do most is to express itself. Spiritual awakening means that you have opened up the source of creativity.

11. No longer afraid of death

To the unawakened, not fearing death may seem incredible. After spiritual awakening you understand that life is never-ending and you no longer fear death. Death has a different charm for you. It’s not that you’re suicidal, it’s that you’re curious about what’s next in this life. Death is like leaving one room and entering another. Your consciousness is the real you. When you know this, you understand that the death of your body is not the end for you.

12. You can be psychic now

After spiritual awakening, it becomes much easier for you to communicate with other intelligences. In fact, everyone can be a psychic. This does not mean that you must receive information from some spirit being. Think back to when you were writing, painting or composing music. After the work was completed, did you feel that time had passed so long? Then you will feel that the work is so perfect, it seems that it is not made by yourself, but flows out of you.

This is also channeling in a sense. Even if you receive any information, there is no need to make a fuss, because you will only receive information that is on the same frequency as you, so you need to increase your frequency and have a positive aura.

13. You will be filled with joy and peace

You will have a smile on your face and more determination in your step. When people wonder why you are so happy, you can’t tell why, you are just so happy. Your true self is filled with joy, love, and sunshine, and spiritual awakening allows you to reclaim these qualities. So you don’t have to be happy when you get paid, you don’t have to drink to laugh, you’re just staying true to yourself.


The process and method of spiritual awakening are different for everyone. The above 13 signs of spiritual awakening can provide you with a reference. If you are experiencing these changes, then congratulations, you will usher in a richer and broader life experience.

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