The Meaning and Symbolism of Candles

Candles symbolize people who burn themselves, illuminate others, and have a spirit of dedication. Regardless of self-interest, consider others wholeheartedly. It mostly symbolizes teachers or people who devote themselves to the people. A candle burns itself and illuminates others. Even if it turns into ashes, it still shines its own light. It refers to a very dedicated person who is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others, which is similar to the meaning of Spring Silkworm. This is a metaphor for a good teacher. This article will explore the history, meaning, and symbolism of candles.

The History of Candles

Its history can be traced back to Egypt in 3000 B.C., at that time people soaked reed cores in animal fat to make torches to make torches burn longer. This torch did not have a wick like a real candle. Around 500 BC, the Romans began to use beef tallow True infused candles are made by wrapping papyrus stems around a long string and dipping them repeatedly in melted animal fat.

Symbolism of Candles

Meaning and Symbolism of Candles

Candles are rich in symbolic meaning across different cultures and religions. For example, in Christianity, the candle symbolizes Jesus’ light and love, as well as the believers’ faith and following in Him. In Western countries, candles also represent romantic and warm wishes. In Chinese culture, candles are sometimes used to symbolize retaining a certain emotion or relationship and to express care for the other person.

The burning process of candles is also used to symbolize selfless devotion and sacrifice. For example, the old saying “The spring silkworms will not run out of silk until they die, and the wax torches will turn to ashes before their tears dry up” is used to describe this spirit of selfless dedication. This spirit is reflected not only in the physical properties of the candle but also in its symbolic meaning.

Spiritual Meaning of Candles

Selfless dedication

Candles have the meaning of selfless dedication. When the candle burns, it will use itself as fuel. Once burned out, the candle will completely melt and disappear, just like a teacher imparting knowledge to students without asking for anything in return, so it has the meaning of dedication.


candles have the meaning of light. Candles are supplies developed for lighting. They can bring light, hope, and courage to face difficulties to people in darkness, so candles symbolize light.

Different Candles Colour Meanings

Meaning and Symbolism of Candles


White symbolizes purity, purification, and transparency, so white candles are first used to worship God in ceremonies. The pure and untainted power of white can best connect to God unimpeded. Secondly, white candles can be used for purification, whether it is physical detoxification or mental and ideological cleansing, they can have very good effects.


Red symbolizes enthusiasm, joy, prosperity, and vitality, so red candles are often used in candle rituals to represent a person’s vigorous vitality and action. Red injects strength into people, so it is suitable for some weak people and those with disabilities.

People who procrastinate, people who lie flat, do rituals related to red candles. In addition, since our country’s hundred-dollar bills are red, red is often used in wealth prayer ceremonies. Red candles can also be used in prayer ceremonies for good business and prosperity.


Green symbolizes life, earth, and nature, so green is related to healing. In the West, earth also means the earth element, which is related to wealth. In addition, U.S. dollar bills are green, so Westerners will definitely use green candles to pray for abundance when doing wealth rituals.


Yellow symbolizes light, wisdom, and warmth, so yellow candles are often used to give people confidence. Yellow candles in the array often represent the person’s inner light. Since yellow candles are related to wisdom, yellow candles are very suitable for praying for academic exams and opening up wisdom. Yellow wisdom usually points to the wisdom of the mind and is closely related to the Wenchang star, which means exams and an official career on the right path to fame.


Orange symbolizes hope, optimism, and success. Orange is a combination of red and yellow, so the power of orange is very powerful. The candle array often represents the person’s bright future. Orange candles can be used for success ritual prayers, can be used to lift the spirits of depressed people, and can inspire people to become optimistic.


Pink symbolizes peach blossoms, love, popularity, and self-love. Pink is a very popular color, including attracting peach blossoms, love, and relationships. At the same time, pink is very gentle, so pink also has the meaning of loving yourself well. When you want to cultivate a sense of self-love, you can use pink candles to show how much you love yourself.

The more confident you are, the more popular you will be. In fact, pink can also be used to pray for Internet popularity and Internet traffic. May our popularity flourish like pink cherry blossoms.


Blue symbolizes calmness, rationality, and watery wisdom. For some people whose life energy has a relatively heavy fire element, using dark blue candles is a good choice for reducing fire and can balance the energy of water and fire. For some people with overly active minds, blue candles can help them find peace. The wisdom of blue candles is more like a wise old man who is as good as water. People who want to obtain such wisdom can choose blue candles.


Purple symbolizes spirituality, love, and compassion. For some healers, purple candles can be a great way to replenish their spiritual energy. Purple is also related to tolerance and fraternity. It is a kind of undifferentiated and broad love. If you want to pray for a love like “great kindness without fate and great compassion for the same body”, you can choose purple candles.


Black symbolizes firm will and solid strength. The petitioner’s candle usually used in the candle array represents the person praying. In addition, black candles are often used in expulsion rituals, often on the days of Saturn, the hours of Saturn, or the nights of the waning moon.


lighting candles have different meanings and symbols in different cultures and religions. They may be related to religious rituals, but also to energy replenishment and emotional expression. However, wherever candles are lit, they can be viewed as a symbolic act expressing people’s beliefs, wishes, and emotions.

What is your favorite meaning or symbolism of candles? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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